0. Jewish War against the Romans, countermarked prutah struck year 67 C.E. in Jerusalem (GBC 1360). 2.87 g.

 Start: $1500 Est. $2,000-$2,500

An exceptional, never seen before countermarked prutah of the First Revolt. The letters are probably 'LF', an abbreviate version of 'LXF' for 'Legio X Fretensis'. Also note the unexpected yod at 7:00 on the obverse, due to a double strike.


Ptolemy I  305-285 B.C.E., Alexandria mint
SNG Copenhagen 69, Svoronos 252
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This exceptional specimen is covered by several fields of graffitis, made by someone who wanted to imitate a shekel of Tyre. To see the high definition pics of this coin, please click here.

In addition, this issue is of special importance because of the distinctive delta on the back of the ear, which is the "signing" of the engraver.